A daily timetable from the Monastery of St. Panteleimon on Mount Athos.


11:30–13:00. Arrival of the pilgrims to the ​monastery​ and their placement in the guest-house (ἀρχονταρίκι).

07:30–14:00. Working hours of the icon shop.

12:30. Veneration of the sacred things of the monastery. Pilgrims wishing to venerate are met at the monastery gates by the gatekeeper.


16:00. 9th hour → Vespers → Moleben or Panikhida (until Fridays) → Trapeza → Confession (Mon., Wed., Fri., Sat.) → Compline. Akathist.

19:00. End of Compline and closing of the monastery gates.

19:45. Final registration in the archondariki of pilgrims who have arrived late.

01:30. Opening of the main monastery gates.


03:00. Midnight Office. Matins. Confession at the request of pilgrims (​Mon., ​Wed., ​Fri.) → 1st, 3rd and 6th hour →

05:00. Divine Liturgy.

07:00. Meal → Veneration of the honourable head of the Great-Martyr Panteleimon → Veneration of relics → Reception of lists of names for commemoration (these are received by the gatekeeper at the monastery gates).

09:00. Departure of guests from their rooms and the return of bed linen in the archontariki.


11:20. Arrival of the ferry from Ouranoupolis.

12:20. Departure of the ferry to Ouranoupolis.