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A daily timetable from the Monastery of St. Panteleimon on Mount Athos.

EVENTS 11:30–13:00. Arrival of the pilgrims to the ​monastery​ and their placement in the guest-house (ἀρχονταρίκι). 07:30–14:00. Working hours of the icon shop. 12:30. Veneration of the sacred things of the monastery. Pilgrims wishing to venerate are met at the monastery gates by the gatekeeper. EVENING SERVICE. 16:00. 9th hour → Vespers → Moleben or…

The Canon of the Cross, by Joseph the Hymnographer.

The Canon of the Cross, of which the Acrostic is:We all praise the Tree that should be worshipped. A Composition by Joseph the Hymnographer. Tone 8. Ode 1. The wonderworking rod of Moses. Let us today with pure mind and devout intent worship the life-bearing Cross of the Lord; for it is set forth granting…

St Gregory Palamas, The 150 Chapters, chapter 87.

Going forward, this great man [i.e. St Dionysius the Areopagite] hymns such processions and energies of God in other God-fitting names and calls them participations and participations-as-such (μετοχαὶ καὶ αὐτομετοχαὶ); and in many places of his discourses he shows also that they are above beings and that they are paradigms of beings, pre-subsisting in God…

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